Raise Money For Your Organization!

Coffee and Tea Fundraiser

  • Up to 45% profit to you per item sold
  • Zero Cost to you
  • Free Fundraising Forms
  • Free delivery and can be pre-sorted per participant/order form
  • Support Local Business

Maple City Roasters is a privately-owned, local business in Northwest Indiana which has been in operation for over 12 years.  We import our own beans from all over the world.  We do all our own roasting, flavoring, bagging and distribution, thus offering your organization a high quality, practical product that results in customer satisfaction.

We have put together this program designed for raising revenue for schools and organizations through our coffee and tea fundraising program.  There is no contract, no start-up fee and no cost to the organization for this program.   Maple City Roasters will provide fresh coffee and tea and deliver it to the organization, packaged per participant in order to simplify the distribution process.  This program will offer twelve different coffees and eight teas as well as tea infusers.  The coffee is offered in ground or whole bean form, which can be marked on the order form.  The ½-lb. bags of coffee,  2 oz. bags of tea and infusers will all sell for $15 each.  The organization will collect money as orders are taken.  Any checks should be made out to the organization as one check will be made out to Maple City at the conclusion once orders are filled and delivered.  Your organization will make $6.00 per item sold if individual orders are sorted by Maple City Coffee, or $7.00 per item if sorted by your organization.  So at the conclusion of the fundraiser, your organization will be invoiced for $9.00 per item if Maple City Coffee sorts or $8.00 per item sold if your organization sorts the orders.

To be successful, this program will require reliable volunteers from the organization to lead, organize and manage it.   Sometimes there are members who choose not to participate in fundraising programs for various reasons.  To provide an incentive for participation in this effort, we will set a goal for the participants as a group and individuals.  If, as a group, participants sell 1,000 bags or more of our coffee and tea, we will donate $500 to the organization to be offered as cash prizes to the top sellers of the fundraising campaign.   Also, for any individual that sells at least 50 items, we will offer a $25 gift card.

If this program sounds like something that you are interested in, we would love to talk with you or are available to meet with staff members, if necessary, to discuss the details of the program and answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to send us an email at or give us a call.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Scott Ott (219) 608-1972

Tina Welches (219) 363-2173

Owners, Maple City Coffee, LLC